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How We Are Different

We are partnering with others to provide education, life skills and loving care in order to empower children to be architects of change in their world.

A new approach to solving the poverty problem.

Many organizations exist that reach at-risk children with millions of dollars donated to them. The larger organizations focus on intact families. However, many children do not have one or both parents. ByGrace Children’s Home exists to provide a loving environment for orphaned children. Our desire is to provide a holistic solution: physically, spiritually and socially; to help foster future leaders within East Africa, starting from Kenya. Since the need is ever increasing, your support will help us in our effort to solve the poverty problem.


  • At ByGrace Children’s Home, children’s educational needs are met with excellent schooling and their relational, spiritual, medical, and dietary needs are met with exceptional care.


  • The children receive nutritious

  • meals, and learn about growing and selling produce from an agricultural lot and green house that are maintained on the Home’s campus.


  • This high quality food program, called RICE: Real Inspiration for Commitment to Education, is vital to the educational success of each child




  • ByGrace Children’s Home strives to attain self-sustainability by using modern developments to prudently steward resources.

  • The Home operates a water well and tower on the campus that provides enough water for all of the children, as well as extra water that is sold to the community for residual income to support other projects.

  • One of the reasons ByGrace Trust takes a different approach to address the poverty problem is that co-founder Rosemary Mbogo was one of these orphans.

  • She grew up in the Nairobi slums and knows the difficulty of overcoming dismal circumstances. Because of the trials, she faced as a child, Rosemary has developed a new philosophy about the problem of cyclical poverty.

  • She believes the key to breaking the cycle is empowering children to affect real, lasting changes by providing them with a high-quality education.



Striving to find the best solution.

The ByGrace Children’s Home is constantly searching for ways to integrate more

eco-friendly and sustainable systems so that every donation is stretched as far as possible, and so that the home is a good steward of every blessed provision

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