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Alex Fundi

Alex Fundi


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14 years old


To define

School Grade:    

5 th

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Hobbies & Interest:

Dancing gospel songs


I am part of the ByGrace Home and School.
I love being here because the people accept me for who I am. When my father passed away in a car accident, my future became scary because my mother was struggling to provide food and clothes for my 4 siblings and I. I thank God because ByGrace took a chance on us and now provides us with everything we need.
I thank the sponsors for giving, and may our God give them strength to be able to continue with that same heart. It is now 1 year since I joined ByGrace.

What does my $49 a month do?

We pool monthly sponsorship donations for maximum impact in each community. You'll help your child and other vulnerable children in the community with life-changing things like: clean water, nutrition, healthcare, education, jobs for parents, protection, and sharing God's love.

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to provide for the children