ByGrace Annual


T H A N K Y O U !

Firstly, we would like to thank all of you who have been and continueto be incredibly impactful in helping us fulfil our mission, especially in these difficult times.

Thank you to our staff who work so hard both on the grounds and remotely to ensure our kids have all they require.

To our Directors and Board Members who continuously bear the vision, create new opportunities for us, and steer us in the right direction. To our dear sponsors who make what we do possible! To our childrenwho are our joy and the backbone of our organization. To God who is our cornerstone and sustenance.

Thank you!

We are indeed changing Africa and the world…one child at a time.

C O V I D - 1 9 I M P A C T & OU R R E S P O N S E

Since the first case of coronavirus was reported in Kenya on 13th March 2020, normal life as we know it here in Kenya was disrupted. ByGrace responded by reaching out to the kids under our care & their families. We prioritised provision of food to our children and their caregivers, and so far we have distributed about 8,000 meals every month. In addition to this Covid Relief Program, Bygrace has continued to provide for and nurture 80 children: 33 in college, 27 in primary school and 20 in high school. We continue to administer medical care, clothes, and quality education for them. These provisions have been able to give a lifeline to very needy families.

"With lost livelihoods, food relief became the most important intervention during the partial lockdowns and containment measures in the early

months of the pandemic. We are grateful for all your support in this."

~ Rosemary Mbogo (Founder & Director)


The food would push us for 3 weeks, which made my mum less stressed because she has no job. We are 5 of us at home.


During Corona we were forced to move from where we had rented due to 4 months arrears. My mum does laundry around where we live and due to the outbreak of the virus she could not find any client to attend to. The food we received from Bygrace sustained us through that hard period. We are really grateful as a family for the support.

Kenyans have now resumed general life, but are required

to follow health protocols such as wearing face masks and sanitizing.

Schools are now fully open, and the good news is that no student had to repeat the academic year as had been earlier directed by the ministry of education.


My mum has been suffering from diabetes and she lost her job April 2020. Now she does casual jobs like mijengo (construction sites). Being supported by Bygrace Home has helped me so much because my mum can’t afford to pay my school fees and education is the only thing that can improve my future.

When schools closed because of the pandemic, I was worried I would forget everything I learned. But God is good. Bygrace Home organized a way we can continue learning through online teaching, and bought us phones with monthly internet bundles.


In addition to the Covid-19 pandemic, Kenya experienced heavy rains in April, with flash floods and landslides killing over 160 lives. Several thousands of people have been displaced and are living in dire conditions.

Two of our children, Fred Okello & Stanley Ochieng who are brothers, had their house flooded and part of the wall fell off. A temporary room made of mud (dirt) was availed to them but the flooding continued. We had to make a rapid decision to intervene after the metrological department predicted more floods to be expected in May. We decided to facilitate the construction of a better house in their ancestral land.

With volunteers from the community we have provided food and construction materials. Fred and Stanley worked very hard to solicit local materials. Our college students also donated $240 towards the construction. Although the new house is still made of mud, it is a little bigger and on a higher ground. We are thankful for the progress that has been made and that we were able to be a part of this.


  • Our college students at Africa International University continued with online learning. Additionally, they participated in a career development program offered in partnership with an organization called Brighter Monday. The Randy Brewer Foundation supported the program, and 15 students reported they were empowered by the program. Five of them also graduated this year. We thank God!

  • We provided internship opportunities to 4 college students; 3 of them were able to offer counselling to other ByGrace children as part of their psychology internship program, 1 was able to complete a social work internship.

  • In order to continue with education during the school lockdown, we decided to empower our high school & primary kids to learn online. We therefore decided to buy cheap cellphones to facilitate the online learning, which would be monitored by caregivers. We bought 16 cellphones, all with data bundles provided for. Alex Partalala, our alumnus who is now in a US college, solicited 4 cellphones to donate to some of the college students. Those students in turn donated their old phones to the high school kids for online learning.

  • Once the government approved the partial reopening of schools in October, the high school received 25 new students in 12th grade alone. These were students whose schools had been abruptly closed due to challenges of the pandemic.


Even during hard moments the Lord works His wonders to those who trust upon Him. We continue to thank Him for enabling us to continue growing in both the number of students and also in buildings.

Below are recent photos of our new high school and primary buildings.

The purpose of the construction of new classrooms is to provide a solution for children who would lose schools closed due to the covid-19 economic impact. The primary school will have 12 classrooms, the high school 15 classrooms, and office spaces in preparation for the new school curriculum in Kenya (CBC). These will more than double our facilities and double our capacity to handle more students.


ByGrace has been planning to begin a baby care program for abandoned children for the last 3 years. In consultation with the relevant government officials, ByGrace has decided to consider a category of abandoned that has been made complex by Covid-19, that is, needy and “abandoned” pregnant teenagers and their babies.

Support for the teenagers to continue schooling means bettering their futures. Hence, since May 2021, ByGrace has admitted 2 teenage moms from the slums. These teenagers were adversely affected and got pregnant during the Covid-19 related school closures. In addition, we have taken in 3 single mothers whose livelihoods were completely decimated by Covid related economic crises. We hope to add 15-20 younger children as part of our covid intervention.

The program participants will be equipped with good parental skills, vocational skills to enhance employability, and address matters of responsible reproductive health. The program cost is $35,000 per year. Donations towards this new venture will be greatly appreciated.


  • Monetary donations

  • Sponsoring a child

  • Books & other donations

  • Mentoring our children

  • Hands-on help with ongoing projects

  • Internship opportunities & recreational activities for our children