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Who We Are

ByGrace Trust is a grassroots organization

It arose when the founders, Stephen and Rosemary Mbogo,
started addressing the dire needs of abandoned children in the Nairobi, Kenya slums in 2005.

How it all got started

Stephen and Rosemary Mbogo’s hearts broke for the children on the streets and they chose not to walk away from such innocent, desperate need. One by one, Stephen and Rosemary began welcoming children into their home and soon discovered that they were housing enough children to be legally considered an “orphanage.”

At ByGrace Children’s Home, they prefer to avoid using the term orphanage when referring to the children’s living situation. The most ideal environment for any child to grow is a safe and loving home under the care of a mother and father figure, but unfortunately, in Kenya, adoption laws are very strict and ultimately prohibitive for interested domestic and international families.



For this reason, ByGrace Children’s Home instead “adopts” these children into their special family, and employs caretakers that step into the role of parental figures for the children. Rather than hiring a large team of custodians, the Home instead enjoys a small number of dedicated caretakers that provide each child with the opportunity to be part of a family, instead of an institution. Stephen, Rosemary and the Home staff view each child as their own and strive to create a holistic environment in which the children are safe, secure and loved, and can learn, thrive and grow to their full potential.

When you partner with ByGrace Trust, you become part of our extended family. It is not uncommon for sponsored children to call their sponsors “mum” or “dad”, and your love and generosity toward them is something that they will never forget.

A Timeline of Children’s Home Milestones

Thanks to generous donors and volunteers, ByGrace Children’s Home has experienced some tremendous growth since it’s humble beginnings in 2005:

 2005 – First children welcomed into the Mbogo’s ByGrace Children’s Home

2007 – ByGrace Children’s Home creates a Kenyan board to oversee the Home’s operations

2009 – ByGrace’s on-campus schooling begins; reaching both resident and neighborhood children

2009 – Home reaches 16 children

2011 – By Grace Trust 501(c)3 is formed in the U.S. to facilitate assistance to the ByGrace Children’s Home in Ngong, Kenya

2011 – ByGrace Children’s Home reaches 36 children


2012 – Roof of the school completed

2013 – On-campus chapel completed

2013 – Water tower completed – elevated water tanks that allow us to provide water from our well to the community.

2013 – Groundbreaking for the new ByGrace High School in Ngong, Kenya.

2014 – High School opened first classrooms.

2016- the first 15 students graduated from Bgrace High school.

2018 and 2019 - We have graduated 2 students with four-year university Degrees and 7 with two-year University Diplomas,

The population is now 110 orphans and needy kids all in different levels of education, college high school, and primary.